If its sheer power you are after then its Rally Bulbs / Off road bulbs that you need. With wattages between 100-150w they are approximately twice the wattage of standard 55w bulbs. Not only do we stock the well know brand Philips Rally - but we now also stock our own branded 100w Rall / Off road bulbs. We must make you aware that these bulbs are only suitable for off-road use only. They should not be used on public roads.

There is a misconception with high wattage bulbs, mostly will they be too hot and burn my wiring. Well perhaps with other products then maybe yes - but with Philips and our own branded bulbs they are UV protected, which helps disipate the heat.

If you're looking for ultra brightness then check out the links below:

 Rally Headlight Bulbs

 Rally Foglight Bulbs

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