Car And Motorcycle Bulbs

We have a complete range of performance bulbs suitable for most cars, trucks and motorcycles. Most can produce in excess of 80% more light on the road.

Customers usually find that the standard OEM " yellowish " bulbs do not provide sufficent enough on the road light, some also mention they are not aesthetically pleasing.

The next generation in in automotive lighting is to use Xenon style bulbs. These come in a variety of kelvin ratings that supply different on the road lighting strength. They give off a fantastic white light (with a hint of blue from the distance) which make the front of the vehicle much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Of course, not forgetting the safety aspect, more light on the road, means a safer driver - and other road users being able to see you more clearly.

At Auto-Lites we stock a variety of Branded top quality Xenon style effect bulbs, including ranges from Philips, Osram and PIAA, BUT, we have also introduced to the market our own range of quality performance style Xenon lighting.

We have the following available:

 Upgrade Headlight Bulbs

 Upgrade Foglight Bulbs

 Upgrade Sidelight Bulbs

 Upgrade Indicator Bulbs

 Upgrade Stop And Tail Bulbs

 Upgrade Side Repeater Bulbs


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