How To Change Brake Light Bulbs

May 04 ,2017
Usually the need to change a brake light bulb comes at the worst possible time, at night time or when you get pulled over. Of course its a bit of an inconvenience but its extremely important that you ensure you replace your brake light bulbs immediately, or as soon as you recognise a bulb has burnt out. Brake lights, also referred to as Stop & Tail are a critical safety feature to any vehicle.

Most modern cars nowadays have an easy to access bay in the rear, that will allow you access to the rear light lense unit. In the next section we will number point each step you should take in order to purchase the right brake light bulb to fitting it correctly. Lets go!:

1. You need the right fitting brake light bulb first. Go to our Car Bulb Finder to find the correct bulb for your vehicle. We have a huge choice of halogen and LED bulbs

2. Locate the mounting brackets. Most vehicles have some form of mounting bracket or bolt that keep the lense unit attached to the rear of the vehicle. Locate the bolts and unscrew slowly. Note* Some vehicles cover the mounting bolt with a small rubber grommet, just remove this. Remove the bolts until the lense starts to feel loose.

3. Remove the lense unit being careful not to damage any paintwork, baring in mind that the wiring will still be attached at this time. You should be able to disconnect any wiring.

4. You should be able to access the burnt out brake light bulb now. Some vehicles will house a bulb holder so gently remove the bulb holder with the bulb attached.

5. Remove the burnt out brake light bulb from the holder.

6. Replace the bulb with your new brake light bulb found on our site.

7. Gently insert and attach the bulb holder back into the lense housing and re-atatch the brake light lense to the rear of the vehicle.

Relatively straight forward dont you think? Dont forget we have a massive selection of replacement brake light bulbs in our store.

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