Driving Abroad With Headlights

May 06 ,2017
Its almost that time of year....Summer! Yipee... When we get our shorts and t-shirts on, apply the suncream (well maybe not so much if we holiday in the UK) and make our way over to Europe. A favourite is to drive to the Tunnel, or ferry port, and drive on through France and beyond.

Its also useful to know the legal requirements when driving abroad. Before you leave its good to check The AA's rules of driving by Country There are many rules and regulations that you should be aware of, we're not going to list them all here as our topic is the rules surrounding Car Headlight Bulbs

The legal requirement in Europe is not to cause dazzle to oncoming drivers. In order to do this you can purchase Headlight Beam Converters that deflect you headlight beam from oncoming traffic. In other cases you may be able to adjust the headlamps. Dont forget once you return to the UK remove the headlamp converters.

We always recommend taking a spare set of Headlamp Bulbs on your journey. We also sell in our shop spare bulb and fuse kits that include various types of bulbs for common vehicle makes and models.

If you're unsure of which Headlight Bulbs you need to take abroad, go to our Homepage and use the Car Bulb Finder.

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