Best Headlight Bulbs

May 03 ,2017
Not surprisingly we get asked this question quite a lot: 'What are the best headlight bulbs for my car?'.

It's not necessarily an easy question to answer without going into a bit of detail. What could be deemed a best headlight bulb for one customer might not be for another, because each customer will have their own specific requirements in what they want out of their driving at night time.

For me I like to have a good clear bright vision at night but also want that white effect look. Others may prefer bulb types dedicated to certain weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or dark lanes. Others may want a standard effect bulb, but prefer a longer lasting type headlight bulb.

Let me go into detail of what types of headlight bulbs we have and perhaps answer your question 'which headlight bulb is best'

Best Headlight Bulbs for night time driving

We offer a great range of headlight bulbs for night time driving. In particular our best sellers are Osram Night Breaker and Philips Diamond Vision. Osram Night Breaker providing up to 110% more light on the road with a longer beam than your standard halogen bulbs. Osram Night Breaker also provide a little more whiter light in comparison to your standard halogen bulbs. If you are thinking extra dark nights, and are looking to use the car bulbs off-road then why not look into our Philips Diamond Vision headlight bulbs. They offer a huge improvement over stock bulbs, 50% more light and offer a blue tint to its beam. They are not legal for use on public roads because of the level of brightness they give off.

Best Headlight Bulbs for a great looking car

We do offer alternatives to those great car bulbs above. Perhaps the more stylish Osram Silverstar 2.0 offering up to 60% more light on the road with up to 20 metre in light beam length. We can also recommend our own fantastically branded Xenon HID Super White look bulbs giving up to 50% more light, and that great looking HID white effect from a distance.

Best Headlight Bulbs for driving off-road

If its off-road driving you do, and the car bulbs will not be used on public roads we recommend again the Philips Diamond Vision or Philips Rally Rally bulbs are mind blowingly bright and so should never be used on public roads.

Best Sidelight Bulbs for driving

Now sidelight bulbs can finish the look of the car off quite nicely. Perhaps you want that hint of blue and white look, or you want a pure white effect. If its a hint of blue and white we recommend going for a halogen type bulb, something like this White Sidelight Bulbs. Or better still you might want that pure white look, then your best bet is to go for an LED sidelight bulb like our range from here: Sidelight LED Bulbs . Whatever your choice, we literally have 10's for you to choose from.

We understand that the decision of what headlight bulb is best for your car can in some way be a difficult choice to make. You need to understand your own personal driving style and what it is you want out of the bulb. If the above has been helpful, but you would still like some additional reassurance i what you prefer to buy, contact us and we would be happy to advise.

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