Improvements in LED luminaries are increasing in leaps and bounds. CREE is now the market leading innovator in the LED field. CREE leads the LED lighting revolution and is making energy wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete by the use of energy efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting. CREE are by far the best of quality and best of brightness in the LED market - nothing can compare at this moment in time.

We stock a massive range and variety of CREE LED bulbs - such as BMW Marker LEDs, Foglight LEDs, Sidelight LEDs, Indicator LEDs, Stop and Tail LEDs, and Side Repeater LEDs.

Some of the newer vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Ford etc have something called a " CANBUS " on-board computer. Standard LED's and normal CREE type LED's without built-in resistors will not overcome dashboard errors / bulb out errors, which is why you need to purchase our Canbus LED's. These come complete with built in resistors, that in a way fool the canbus into thinking "normal" type bulbs have been installed. The reason why bulb warners are triggered is because LED's have very low current throughput - installing standard LED's makes the Canbus computer think there is a problem with the bulb.

Check out our CREE LED range below:

 CREE BMW Marker Angel Eyes

 CREE Foglight Bulbs

 CREE Sidelight Bulbs

 CREE Indicator Bulbs

 CREE Side Repeater Bulbs

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