Laser Headlight Bulb Technology Coming to Motorcycles

Thursday, 11 May 2017 19:26:40 Europe/London

It was only the other week that we were discussing new innovations in lighting technology for vehicles. Auto-Lites has learnt that BMW are considering using laser headlight technology on their motorcycles. It seems that BMW are leading in this technology at the moment, having already announced that their high end BMW cars will incorporate this new technology. For the motorcylce rider, BMW have also announced that they wish to incorporate a head up display in their helmets which will be part of their BMW ConnectedRide.

Laser technology in itself may sound a little bit scary. You may be lead to think am I going to look like Knight Rider and shoot laser beams from by bike, but its not actually a laser that omits onto the road, although laser technology is used to create the light. Although currently this technology is being used on their most expensive range of cars, its currently too expensive at this very moment to install on motorcycles. But they do hope to bring this price down and add to some of their models. 

BMW Motorcycle Laser Headlights

We would love to offer this technology to our customers! but fear we may be some way off yet. Although we can offer some of the latest in technology for Motorcyle Headlight Bulbs, Motorcycle LED Bulbs and incredibly beautiful looking Motorcycle LED Tailights.

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Take A Look at our Dashboard LEDs

Sunday, 7 May 2017 20:18:52 Europe/London

Why not upgrade those Interior Dashboard Bulbs ?

Amazingly we now stock a range of fantastic upgrade option for your vehicles Dashboard. We know what you're asking, what for!. Well if you're anything like us here at Auto-Lites, we always like to dabble away from the norm. Upgrading to colours like White, Red, Yellow, Green or Blue can massively enhance the look of the dashboard. Take a look at an example of blue:

Dashboard LED Bulbs

We sell a variety of colours as above and they can be founde here, just the single T5 type LED bulb (buy as many as you like) or 509T type, a T5 bulb in its base, both options are here:

T5 Rounded Dasboard LED Bulbs

509T Flat Dashboard LED Bulbs B8.5D

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What Are The Best Indicator Bulbs

Saturday, 6 May 2017 19:37:35 Europe/London

Good question we hear you ask. Its a very broad question this... What are the best, because there are so many good quality Side Repeater Bulbs. We tend to have two types of great customers, those that just prefer to replace exisitng Side Indicator Bulbs with OEM type Indicator Bulbs. Perhaps they prefer an orange type bulb (which we stock in our shop) or Clear Halogen Bulbs. Whatever their preference we will usually stock them. Our other customer type is someone who prefers an Upgrade Indicator Bulb, perhaps an LED style bulb that can enhance the look of the vehicle and also shine around 10x times brighter. Some of our customers also opt for the Silver Chrome Indicator Bulbs. This type of indicator bulb looks aesthetically pleasing close up and from a distance. but also give off an incredibly bright orange effect. Philips Silver Vision bulbs seem a popular bulb with our customers.

Whatever you decision, do not worry as we have plenty of types of Car Bulbs in stock. If in doubt, check our Car Bulb Finder out on our homepage, or message us.

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